Every parent wants the BEST for their child! Every child wants their parent to be happy! Join hands with others to find new insights and strengths. Discover the gift you have been given, and the gift you ARE! Learn ways to support teens and their parents in reaching relational maturity and connection.

  • Join hands with others to find new insights and strengths
  • Discover the gift you have been given, and the gift you ARE!
  • Learn ways to support teens and their parents in reaching their fullest potential
  • Practice new skills for helping teens feel heard and understood.
  • Our mission is to create a nurturing environment for all children.
  • Change and healing is possible!

This workshop is an experience-based means to glean the gifts of your relationship and enhance your experience of connection. You will hear stories, observe and participate in activities, communication practice, and FUN activities!

This workshop is designed who wish to strengthen their relationship, understand their teen, resolve conflict, and experience hope, inspiration, and transformation.

When we KNOW better, we DO better and all those we love can flourish.

Learn how you can support your teen and answer the following questions:

Do you understand your teen?

Most parents long for their teens to have as full and rewarding a life as possible. It’s great to see our children enjoy themselves. It’s deeply rewarding to see them discover a path to a fulfilling life.

But when teens behave in ways that seem to put their happiness at risk, how can you know what is really going on? It’s hard to respond effectively and lovingly if you don’t know what lies behind their behavior, especially if what they are doing right now is challenging you.

How can you avoid meltdowns or withdrawal?

Teens can have some dramatic ways of expressing their frustrations, from making a lot of noise, to making none at all. Neither way is easy to deal with, especially when it seems directed at you.

There are some good approaches for parents, like boundary setting or perhaps giving them a little freedom. But how do you know which to use? The secret is to learn to accurately read what is going on for them. We teach you how to bridge the communication gap so you can provide the guidance they need.

What does your teen need from you right now?

From the moment they were born, your child’s mind has been forming in a way which will strongly influence their whole life. What they experience in their relationships now is critical. We can help you make the best choices by understanding the stages of their emotional development and recognizing how to respond with the love that will enable them to reach their full potential.

Imago provides a practical way to understand what your teen is trying to say to you through their behavior. We teach you how to listen to their underlying messages, which will leave your teen feeling good about being heard.

As you become more tuned-in to your teen’s underlying experience, you will be able to respond to them in a way that they can easily understand and respect.

Part of the art of listening to our teen is to be aware that much of our own emotional reaction is rooted in our own childhood and life experiences. This awareness will enable you to be even better at tuning-in to them. Experiences that might have been frustrating before, can now become opportunities for connection.

Our Parent-Teen workshop adapts the same Imago dialogue process, which lies at the heart of our world-leading programs for couples, and applies it to the practical situations that occur with children. By reducing flare-ups and emotional outbursts, relationships become more fun, and you will have more opportunity to simply enjoy being with your teen.