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For Individuals – Keeping The Love You Find

The Imago Individuals workshop is designed to facilitate a deeper exploration of personal patterns and dynamics that each individual unconsciously brings to a relationship.

The “Keeping” workshop starts with the premise, “How can I become the right partner and stop expecting my partner to be different?”. It empowers individuals to focus on what they can immediately change in themselves to avoid painful repetitions of the past.

The workshop begs the question of “What am I going to take responsibility for?” by focusing on each individual’s contribution rather than just on the complexities of a couple dynamic.

The “Keeping” workshop can facilitate and prepare people for healthier relationships by beginning the process of identifying and thus shifting unconscious expectations and patterns.

The workshop consists of lectures, writing assignments, safe conversations, and a healthy dose of fun! Discovering your potential to change and truly become a great partner is an exciting, liberating, and challenging life-long journey.

The workshop provides the framework for you to look at and identify the missing pieces of your own puzzle – wounds, coping strategies, and your shadow/denied and disowned aspects of the self.

Doing individual work enables you to identify and try on both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parts of yourself that have gone missing. Unless these missing parts are brought into consciousness, you will simply project them onto your partner and spiral downwards in the frustration cycle.

You will have an opportunity to recognise your own projections, including the common projection most of us have been guilty of at some point in our lives which is, “It’s all his/her fault”. You will also learn about your own unconscious defensive/reactive responses that have kept you stuck in a repetitive cycle of attack or avoidance.