About Us

Imago is a therapeutic and psycho-educational modality that offers couples and dyads guidance to navigate their relational challenges.  Imago is effective for relationships that are strong and healthy and need to grow, as well as for relationships where there are challenges and conflict.

Imago therapy can be experienced through individual therapy, couples therapy, inter-generational therapy or family therapy with an Imago Clinical Therapist.

Couples and inter-generational pairs can also attend workshops and intensive sessions to focus their energy on their relationship over the course of two/three days. Imago also offers similar workshops for single people who are having difficulty in maintaining their relationships. Imago Professional Facilitators provide relational support in organisations and the workplace.

To find out more about Imago Relationship Therapy contact an Imago Therapist or Facilitator in your area.

Our Values

Our values are core to the work that we are so passionate about, and that we seek to emulate in all our daily interactions with our clients, our communities, and our own relationships.


We are a community that supports couples, families, organisations and practitioners through individual interventions, intensives, workshops and trainings.


We create a safe place for couples, families, organisations, communities and practitioners to learn, reflect, observe, explore and grow.


We enable connection through dialogue and safe conversations for couples, families, organisations and as a community.


We build relationships through conscious intent and application of the Imago principles in both our personal and professional worlds.


We continuously seek to grow as practitioners through advanced training, supervision, doing our own self work and as a community.