Keeping the Love You Find – workshop for singles

Discover the Secrets to Sustaining Love:

A Comprehensive Workshop for Individuals at Any Relationship Stage

Is this workshop right for you? If any of these resonate, the answer is yes:

  • You’re confidently single, yet proactive in understanding relationships before committing.
  • You’re weary of unsatisfying relationships.
  • You’ve just entered a relationship you want to nurture.
  • You’re still searching for that compatible partner.
  • You’re keen on forming a “conscious relationship” and meeting like-minded individuals.
  • You’re in a long-term partnership and wish to understand its deeper, unconscious dynamics.

What will you gain?

  • Decode why you’re drawn to certain people.
  • Identify your Imago: the partner your unconscious has chosen for you.
  • Learn to lower your defenses to enable true intimacy.
  • Trace current frustrations to past relationships and childhood experiences.
  • Benefit from past relationship experiences to make wiser choices.
  • Release emotional baggage from previous relationships.
  • Acquire practical relationship skills to disrupt harmful patterns.
  • Unearth how self-sabotage occurs in your relationships.
  • Formulate a personal, actionable roadmap.

Transform yourself into the partner you aspire to be and preserve the love you discover!