Brilliant at the Basics – Imago Advanced Training

Brilliant at the Basics:

An Imago Relationship Advanced Course

Are you an Imago Therapist or facilitator striving to deepen your mastery in facilitating dialogues? Look no further. Presented by the renowned experts, Kobus van der Merwe and Michelle Naude, this three-day practical course is designed to elevate your skills to an advanced level.

Course Highlights:

Mastering Dialogue Facilitation: Learn to use sentence stems effectively, choose silence, and pause at precisely the right moment to deepen the connection experience.
Language the Shadow with Doublings: Assist senders in articulating their shadow, enhancing the therapeutic process.
Practical Application of Meta-Theories: Apply the four meta-theories practically in your work with couples, ensuring every intervention is grounded in theory, not guesswork.
Revisiting the Three Main Dialogues: Delve into the finer art of Couples Intentional Dialogue, Parent Child Dialogue, and Behaviour Change Dialogue, enhancing your proficiency in each.