Statement of Values

Our Philosophy

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) changes the lives of individuals, couples, families and communities. Imago Africa is a community organisation, operating under the umbrella organisation of Imago Relationship Worldwide which serves Imago Relationship therapists and facilitators, workshop presenters and consultants.

Our desire for relational health determines everything we do and guides our relationship with our members and the public, as well as leadership, trainers and educators. We champion IRT as a viable, and increasingly evidence-based choice for people seeking relational healing and growth.

We adhere to a relational paradigm that puts the quality of human relationships at the center of our activities. We promote relational safety and health through dialogical practices that value both diversity and individual autonomy.

Imago Africa respects, celebrates, and honours the diversity in religious preference, sexual orientation, ethnic, cultural and national origins of all professionals, individuals, couples, relationships, families, communities and local organisations that we serve.
Imago Africa believes that long-term committed relationships are prized human experiences and have the potential for deep personal, relational and social healing and growth. We develop and sustain a global network of professionals and volunteers who are committed to using Imago relationship theory and practices to help all interested persons create and sustain mutually fulfilling, healing and egalitarian love relationships and to help parents rear whole and loving children in the service of improving the quality of society.
Long-term committed relationships provides couples and families with security, stability and other benefits which are critically important for them as they build a rewarding and secure life together, and reach their full potential. We want all couples and families to have full access to the benefits and rights of the institution of marriage (should this be chosen), irrespective of their religious preference, sexual orientation, ethnic, cultural and national origins.
Imago Africa’s contribution towards supporting diversity and establishing equality for all couples and families is to foster deep understanding and empathy for all perspectives and experiences and to encourage the use of dialogue to create a place safe enough for all voices to be heard. Our international training institute (IITI) offers training courses for all who seek to be skilled in leading dialogue of this type, which can help people create the connections and deep understanding which enables them to act together in compassion.

We promote and facilitate research to produce trusted best practice, and by supporting the training faculty (IITI) to provide a robust framework to ensure our training follows and adheres to the highest possible standards of practice for those seeking Imago Relationship Therapy.

As a result, we help the general public, individuals and local communities make better, more informed choices about the provision of IRT, and continue to raise the ethical and professional standards of the process.

Charitable Objectives
As a registered 501c3 NPO, our two key charitable objectives underpin our work and we use our income and property to promote these aims. In all of our activities, whether we’re providing services to members, commissioning research or campaigning, these are the objectives that guide us, and the principles by which we measure our success.

Our charitable objectives are:

  • to promote and provide support for Imago therapists, facilitators, workshop presenters and consultants working in either professional or voluntary settings, whether full or part time, with a view to raising the standards of the professions for the benefit of the community and in particular for those who are the recipients of IRT
  • To provide a platform where we hold our members accountable for the work they provide to the public through peer governance, using sociocratic methods
  • To provide a platform where our members can meet regularly to share and connect, build, encourage, grow and learn together.
  • To inform and educate the public about the contribution that IRT can make generally and particularly in meeting the needs of those who seek assistance for healing and growth in their relationships.

Our values were developed through conversations with members and the international organization about what it means to be a member of Imago and what we need to succeed.

By living our values we’ll be better able to achieve our purpose and to meet the changing needs of our members.

  • Consciousness – we embrace the characteristics of a conscious community which are: freedom to be your authentic differentiated self, full equality with others, and full responsibility for the community itself and for the relationships that develop within the context of the community.
  • Conscious intentionality – is the core of our relational paradigm. We intentionally build and nurture a beloved community that is bonded together through creating safety and restorative growth
  • Responsibility – we take responsibility for all our actions and do the right thing, feeling safe to admit our mistakes. We are self-reflexive and do our own work and make it safe for all to be vulnerable without fear of judgement, rejection, control and abuse
  • Encouragement – we encourage ideas for continuous improvement, being open to change and challenges
  • Support – we value each other and our diversity, promoting inclusiveness, non-violence and tolerance
  • Passion – our work will reflect our passion for changing lives
  • Excellence – we strive for the highest standards
  • Collaboration and co-creation – we work together for the best outcomes: communicating, listening, learning, creating and sharing ideas
  • Trust – we have integrity, building and maintaining trust, openness, honesty and fairness
  • Differentiation and Connectedness – we accept all identities, promote inclusivity, strive to remain connected while maintaining clear boundaries.
  • Freedom and Justice – we promote freedom of thought and speech and support equivalence and justice for all lives, maintaining awareness of our own biases, blind spots, and misuse of privilege and power
  • Diversity – we invite divergent views, and welcome diversity by utilizing dialogical and sociocratic communication processes to promote safety, understanding and empathy
  • Alliances – we build on and create alliances with other movements and organizations whose values align with our own. We embrace inclusion and tolerance of black lives, chosen sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, regardless of economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs, immigration or location.
Our Strategy

A firm commitment to work with and for our members, and for the benefit of the public, to build acceptability and credibility of the organisation.

  • We will listen to, learn from and work with our members to inform the work of the organisation.
  • We will support our members to be able to work in a fast- changing world, to be able to influence and contribute to the wellbeing of society.
  • We will be the support system of choice for members and communities of practice, providing relevant services and opportunities to learn, develop and inspire each other.
  • We will further develop confidence in and credibility of our craft by developing and upholding professional and ethical standards, informed by an evidence base.
  • We will champion the skills, competence and contribution of our members to the public.
  • We will optimize the organization of IRW to ensure it is flexible, responsive, and capable of resourcing the vision and goals.
  • We will co-create and collaborate with our members in all significant decision-making while enabling and supporting autonomy, differential, and the empowerment of local organizations and circles.