Vera Roos

Vera Roos is a research professor in the Ageing and Generational Dynamics programme affiliated with the Optentia Research Focus Area at the North-West University’s Vaal Triangle Campus. Over the past 25 years, she has presented and published nationally and internationally on topics related to relational psychology, intergenerational relations, and older persons’ contributions in challenging contexts. Vera’s theoretical approach – namely, that broader environments inform dynamic social processes – provided the background for her development of the Mmogo-method®, a visual means of data collection. Existing relational theories could not satisfactorily explain findings obtained by this method in the study of relational experiences (loneliness, friendships, intergenerational interactions), so she developed a further relational theory, Self-Interactional Group Theory (SIGT). Vera is committed to promoting the relational and collective wellbeing of older persons and communities within their contextual realities. Vera Roos is a scientist with a South African National Research Foundation rating.