Puno Selesho

Featuring Praise Singer

A transformation and creative entrepreneur has a deep appreciation for words and people and this has inspired her journey of collaboration with various corporates. As a Spoken Word Artist, she has a decade’s worth of stories and poems that are meant for personal and public spaces. With the right story, any project can be brought to life. She is also quite the agent for transformation, both on a societal level and on an individual level. South Africa has an abundance of human potential. Sometimes all it takes is a transformative conversation to start unlocking the possibilities. Her aim is to help people see the world through a creative lens, communicate their own value, challenge social norms, share our African narrative and add a bit of hope to society.

Puno is a Pretoria-based poet, writer and weaver of beautiful conversations, thought leader, voice-over artist, strategist and so much more. The law graduate writes about women, love, God and as her poem, ‘Swart Gevaar’ boldly proclaims; about being unapologetically black.

We are thrilled to share her mission and delighted to have her at our Conference.