Marlene Ogawa

Marlene Ogawa is a passionate facilitator who has worked within the private sector, and NGOs globally and the government of South Africa. Her expertise is in designing and implementing adult learning and sharing interventions addressing both micro and macro needs. She works across various leadership and collaboration initiatives that build on the principles of Theory U and relational leadership. She strategically designs and holds space using various methodologies including World Café and Open Space Technology. Marlene works in leadership, organizational and team transformation work with diverse public, private and civil society sectors as well as academia, using Appreciative Inquiry. Over the years Marlene has supported cross and multi-sectoral collaborations towards systemic change and institutional redress through journeying with, project management and facilitating collaborations and gatherings with diverse sectoral groups and communities.

Her work at Synergos focuses on bridging leadership through individual and collective transformation, trust-building processes, systems thinking. At the heart of her work is relational leadership and social connectedness for personal and collaborative systems change. This work includes collaborating with strategic partners to influence practice, embodying compassionate leadership, building a body of knowledge through experiences and design of programs that contribute to cross-sectoral Bridging Leadership for collective and impactful social change.

She is passionate about designing and convening face-to-face and online learning and virtual engagements that amplify building relations, connection and collaboration. Marlene participates in various conference and dialogue platforms. She facilitates engaging and participatory virtual dialogues and workshops on bridging leadership, connectedness and belonging, with diversity, equity and inclusion and social justice towards systemic change.

Recent Publications and articles: