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All reliable research shows that children growing up in a stable environment are more likely to live productive lives.

Families South Africa (FAMSA) was originally founded in 1954 as the South African National Council for Marriage Guidance and Counselling to assist families having marital problems. Over the years, it changed its name to the Family and Marriage Society of South Africa and is now known as Families South Africa. It is a Non-Profit Organization that provides family restoration and preservation services through a variety of programmatic approaches. There are 28 registered Affiliate offices across South Africa (with a network of Satellite offices), each having a battery of trained social workers, auxiliary social workers, and community developers whose main task is to assist families to manage daily challenges that affect their social and economic functioning.

FAMSA’s mission is to support individuals, families, organizations, communities and society to build, restore and sustain functional relationships. Violent family and challenging community life from social ills is spiraling and spreading from generation to generation, crippling our society. Domestic violence, rape, teenage pregnancy, and substance abuse are some of the factors that families now have to deal with on an increasing basis. Many children are growing up in child-headed households or with grandmothers raising orphaned grandchildren.

FAMSA is a non-racial organization that works with all communities throughout South Africa to address their particular family-related challenges and it aims to achieve the following:

  • To empower people to build, restore and maintain sound relationships in marriage, in the family, and in communities;
  • To promote and to provide preventive, reconstructive and developmental services in the field of family preservation and interpersonal relationships that are accessible and equitable;
  • To impart information, knowledge and skills about the enrichment of marriage, family life, youth, parenting, marriage preparation, personal development and management, and other interpersonal relationships.
  • To provide specific counselling and remedial services to individuals, couples, parents, families, and groups regarding the challenges and problems they are facing in their personal and interpersonal functioning.
  • To identify, train, supervise and give professional support to suitable persons as counsellors, group workers and community development workers.