About Us

During the eighties, founders Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt dreamed about how Imago Theory and Practice would impact the world. Today, Imago Africa is a vibrant and diverse Professional Community where members enjoy a safe space to learn, grow and practice personal and professional development. Furthermore, Imago Africa is a space conducive to providing Clinicians and Facilitators opportunities that are empowering, encouraging and connecting. The collective passion of our members is what makes a difference.

It is our vision that as an organization we learn more about this Rainbow Nation, invite more trained professionals to do the work, and ignite the Imago flame throughout the whole of Africa.

Imago Africa Professional Community

Imago Clinical Therapists and Professional Facilitators are passionate about facilitating relational health.

Each Imago practitioner brings expertise and skills in teaching the art of relational living to assist clients to make sense of and develop deeply connected, meaningful relationships, whether it be with their partner, children, parents, friends or work colleagues.

Imago Therapists are clinically trained and have a previous degree either in Psychology, Social work, or Pastoral counseling. They are also registered with their own professional boards – e.g. Health Professional Council of South Africa.

Imago Professional Facilitators are professionals who are not clinically trained but are passionate about relational transformation. They may be teachers, nurses, lawyers, human resource management, coaches, or entrepreneurs.